Use Cases and Examples runs ads on behalf of political campaigns across social channels to promote their brand and content.

What can be promoted? is designed to promote any target link or channel.

For example, to grow:

  • Website: enter a link to your site, and our delivers the right traffic instantly
  • YouTube: simply enter a link to a video or YouTube channel
  • Events: drive attendance to campaign events and fundraisers with just a few clicks

From the info provided our software will devise and execute the mathematically optimal way to promote your target destination.

:hot_pepper: removes uncertainty and maximizes results by updating campaign elements in real-time to save time and money.

Where are ads published?

Ads are published on Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and TikTok (alpha). To enhance security and simplify the process, we run dark posts from our channels or another channel determined by the client.

:information_source: Our software starts broad and narrows down the elements (channels, budget, creative, detailed targeting, etc.) that lead to the best results for each campaign.

What does an example ad look like?

Below is an example of an ad promoting a fictitious candidate. uses the creative you provide alongside copy and call-to-action options created by AI, custom to your campaign.